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I regularly lecture on radio technology, music scheduling and presentation at the University Of Bolton, and at several European media centres.

I also programme the music for radio2XS and manage Nottingham's Radio Trent, and produce and present these two shows:

'Jeff Cooper's Music Diary' is broadcast on both stations at the following times:

Sat 6-8pm (Radio Trent)
Sat 8-10pm (radio2XS)
Sun 4-6pm (radio2XS)
Sun 8-10pm (radio2XS & Radio Trent)
Mon 8-10pm (Radio Trent)
Wed 10pm-midnight (Radio Trent)

'Jeff Cooper's Today In Music' features some songs relevant to today's date, broadcast on Radio Trent at 8am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm, Monday to Friday.

You can tune in to either station right now by clicking the buttons below, or visit the websites by clicking the logos.